Kinetic Data


Building a better service experience.

Kinetic Data delivers business process automation and service delivery management software tools built to enable an enterprise request management (ERM) strategy.

Why we are different?

At Kinetic Data, we empower our customers to take ownership of their service management processes. We build software solutions that allow business departments to interact with employees for better overall service and improved efficiency. We believe in the power of individuals to make a difference in an organization. And we are passionate about developing new tools and identifying future trends by listening to you—our customers.

A little history

1998: Kinetic Data was founded to assist companies with their IT projects by serving as an extension of their IT staff. Initially, we focused on providing IT consulting services and custom application development.

2004: We introduced Kinetic Survey, an enterprise feedback management software tool that enables users to design and administer a wide variety of surveys, with complete rules-based management, graphical control, and data validation. It was the first of our BMC Remedy tools designed to extend its value across the enterprise.

2007: Kinetic Request was developed to address the growing need for service request management and to enable service catalog creation. Later that year, we launched Kinetic Calendar in response to requests from our customers for an easy, intuitive way to organize and display time- and date-based information from BMC Remedy in an actionable, Web-based calendar format. (Today, Calendar call pull data from virtually any federated data source—ERP systems, HR software, ITSM suites, email programs, etc..)

2009: We introduced Kinetic Task, an advanced workflow automation engine that enables business users to easily configure a limitless number of tasks and approvals to manage processes ranging from simple to the most complex. In October, a major enterprise software user group named Kinetic Data Innovator of the Year for Kinetic Request.

2010: The same group recognized Kinetic Data for Best Customer Service and Support

2011: We released Kinetic Schedule, a new enterprise resource scheduling tool designed to simplify the scheduling of enterprise resources by providing immediate “drill-down” visibility into schedules, credentials, availability and more.

2012: We released Kinetic Task 3.0, which serves as the backbone of an ERM system, securely communicating with virtually any enterprise application or data source as need for service request scheduling, approvals, fulfillment and reporting.

2013: We celebrated the 15th anniversary of the business with the release of a platform-agnostic version of Kinetic Task socialized business trends dashboard product, Kinetic Info Best New Product of the year.

2014: We acquired mobile web application developer :coderow to expand our product development and delivery capabilities, and presented three of our customers with the first-ever Wally Awards at our annual user conference.

2015: Released Kinetic Request Core Edition building a technology agnostic approach to Self-Service, Automation and Integration.

2016: Built a trial automation system so developers can try our software quickly and easily by visiting

Today, Kinetic Data continues to expand its family of innovative, platform-agnostic business and IT services management software tools. Our ERM and business process automation (BPA) tools enable enterprises to coordinate and automate business tasks, achieving first time fulfillment while reducing time, manual effort and costs.


Kinetic Data president John Sundberg explains the "philosophy" behind the company, from assembling a great team, the meaning of Johnisms