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Entertainment organizations must adapt quickly to a continuously changing workforce. They are looking for ways to reduce the time and cost required for getting new contract employees up and running quickly.


Entertainment organizations turn to Kinetic Data for help streamlining and automating processes and improving the visibility of resources and the availability of facilities. Kinetic Data enables entertainment organizations to increase their productivity by reducing the involvement of support resources in fulfilling requests.

Entertainment enterprises choose Kinetic Request, our request management portal software, to design and automatically manage processes and approvals for internal service and equipment requests. It is commonly used for employee provisioning, where it provides an easy way to maintain security and standards for a rapidly changing work force.

Kinetic Task, our workflow automation software engine, provides the "plumbing" for enterprise request management, enabling managers to intuitively build, manage and modify processes of any level of complexity. Kinetic Task can communicate with other enterprise applications to automate approvals, scheduling and fulfillment involving people, facilities, equipment, and external vendors like caterers or specialty rental companies.

Kinetic Survey, our process-driven employee survey software, offers a fully automated way to quickly and accurately collect users’ service-level perceptions to complete the service management process and ensure continuous improvement.

Kinetic Calendar provides entertainment organizations with the only online calendar tool built to access and display time- and date-based information from virtually any federated data source, including ERP suites, HR applications, ITSM software, and email systems. Kinetic Calendar makes it easy for you to give your employees ad external users a convenient way to organize and display multiple resources and facilities in a calendar format.

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Employee Survey Software Case Study
Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols

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