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Web-Based Request Management, Service Catalog, Survey Software and Other Solutions for Federal Government

Department of Defense and Federal Civilian Agency Needs

Today, Department of Defense (DoD) and federal/civilian agencies are continually challenged to deliver more efficient support services across their enterprises, while improving customer satisfaction. The challenge to deliver the best possible service in the face of ongoing budget constraints can only be solved by having solutions that enable operational efficiency, while taking into account the needs for security, flexibility and scalability. Giving customers visibility into delivery processes while enabling self-service is key to meeting the demands of the modern government.

In today’s government, there are common project patterns occurring across the entire DoD and federal/civilian agencies landscape. These include infrastructure and service support consolidation projects, contract streamlining, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) implementations, government service catalogs, and an overall drive to treat the government as a business and “do more with less.” Kinetic Data designs web survey software, request management and other solutions that work on your existing infrastructure and allow you to leverage existing investments in your current service delivery infrastructure.

Why Kinetic Data’s Multi-Tenant Suite?

Our portfolio of business process automation (BPA) and enterprise request management (ERM) applications, help federal agencies automate key business processes end-to-end across the enterprise. Our approach reduces the cost of providing services, while improving the customer service experience. The Kinetic Data Multi-Tenant Suite is designed to help enhance your agency by delivering tailored services to your customers in a low-risk, configuration-based approach. This means—no custom programming. The Kinetic Multi-Tenant Suite consists of five modules: Kinetic Request, Kinetic Task, Kinetic Survey, Kinetic Calendar, and Kinetic Schedule. These modular solutions are built for all stages of the service life cycle to help federal agencies unite service delivery across the enterprise.

Kinetic Multi-Tenant Suite Offerings:

  • High-Performance Service Delivery Solutions
    Kinetic Data solutions help federal agencies achieve operational efficiency and high performance levels by streamlining and/or automating their service delivery processes and enabling faster response times. Our actionable service catalog collects correct data up front, enabling guided processes and the ability to include instructions for each fulfillment step.

  • Secure Configuration
    Kinetic Multi-Tenant Modules enable configurable security models for each client, with the ability to grant unique client access rights, specifications and preferences. This secure foundation allows clients to have their own tailored requests, views, surveys, tasks and collaborative environments.

  • Improved Client Experience
    Kinetic Multi-Tenant Suite delivers a high-performance client experience. The suite offers unique branding and theming of self-service, actionable service catalogs, forms, surveys and calendars for your clients. Our web survey software and other solutions enable agencies to deliver tailored, configured services to each client.

  • Do-It-Yourself Solutions
    Kinetic Data’s self-service solutions enable federal agency clients to configure their service experience to their own specifications and preferences. Our products are designed for individuals to use within diverse work roles and departments. Our products use self-provisioned technologies. In turn, our self-service solutions give agencies greater visibility into their service-delivery processes through improved task processing and end-to-end integration of services while leveraging their existing infrastructure.

  • Enables ITIL Benefits
    Many federal agencies are rolling out the ITIL framework for service delivery and support. Kinetic Data’s Multi-Tenant Suite aligns to the needs of the ITIL framework. Organizations looking to deploy actionable government service catalogs while continually improving service will benefit from our approach in the following ways:

    • Reduced cost
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • More efficient delivery of services
    • Lower organizational risk
    • Improved visibility into delivery processes

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