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Rapid growth is driving demand for efficient and scalable processes for standard services. Healthcare organizations are looking for ways to standardize and monitor processes in order to ensure efficiency, traceability, and accuracy.


Kinetic Data’s products are designed to integrate with virutally any enterprise or special-purpose applications, offering the ability to scale up quickly and allow large organizations to distribute the management of their services. Furthermore, our online request management, survey, calendar, and other solutions provide accurate business-unit metrics for business analysts.

Kinetic Request, our online request management portal software, delivers flexible and intuitive service portals with individual branding for each department or subsidiary. It provides individual groups the power to manage their own service processes without heavy IT involvement, speeding up process deployment across the organization. Kinetic Request also offers users a 24x7 view of status details regarding their requests, as well as accurate accountability of all process tasks during execution.

Kinetic Task is an advanced workflow engine which can operate as the core of an enterprise request management (ERM) implementation. It automates workflow processes, automatically managing approvals, scheduling and first-time fulfillment for service requests. In a healthcare environment, for example, Kinetic Task could communicate with other systems to automate billing or payment processes, with a complete audit trail for compliance purposes.

Kinetic Survey, our process-driven online survey software, embeds feedback directly into standard service delivery processes to drive superior customer satisfaction.

Kinetic Calendar provides healthcare organizations with the only online calendar tool built to access and display event-based information from virtually any federated data source, incuding ERP suites, ITSM applications and email systems. Kinetic Calendar makes it easy for you to give your users a convenient way to organize and display time-based data in a calendar format.

Healthcare Success Story

CareTech Solutions

Overview: Lots of people are talking about improving quality and reducing costs in healthcare. CareTech Solutions--a provider of outsourced IT services for hospitals--is doing something about it. Watch this short video to learn how moving to online self-service for technology requests and issue reporting with Kinetic Request led to cost avoidance and productivity gains of $4.7 million in one year.

Solution: Kinetic Request automated service request management system.


  • Expedited fulfillment of a routine service request—in one day instead of four.
  • Reduction in time spent managing paperwork by service desk and human resources staff.
  • Reliable electronic audit trail for monitoring approvals and requests.

CareTech Heals Itself and Client, Continuum Health Partners, of Frustrating Delays and Unnecessary Costs in Service Request Management (pdf)

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