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Request Management Portals, Customer Survey Software and Other Solutions for Retail

Why Kinetic Data?

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing market, retailers need to gain operational efficiencies to stay ahead of the competition. In order to remain competitive, retailers need to speed up their business processes, remain innovative and deliver cost savings.

Kinetic Data’s extensive portfolio of enterprise request management (ERM) and service delivery management (SDM) applications helps retailers automate business processes and reduce service delivery costs. Download this datasheet to learn more about how ERM can help global retailers solve tough problems.

Our suite of applications improves the service experience while reducing the cost of providing those services. With an approach that is flexible, scalable, and configuration-based, our products integrate seamlessly with companies’ existing applications and systems, allowing retailers to leverage their existing investments. Kinetic Data products are designed to enhance our clients’ business performance by delivering streamlined and configurable services to their respective users.

Kinetic Data Retail Offerings:

  • Operational Efficiency
    Retailers achieve operational efficiency and high performance levels by automating end-to-end service delivery fulfillment processes. This results in reduced delivery time and more productive retail operations.

  • Shared Service Functionality
    Kinetic Data solutions are designed to support enterprise-shared services. We enable retailers to optimize their service delivery approach across multiple local, regional, national or even international groups.

  • Self-Service Solutions
    With our approach, retailers have an enterprise-based self-service system for employees, partners and customers. Our solutions use self-provisioning technologies and tools that enable retailers to configure their service delivery experience to their own specifications.

  • Compliance
    Our products allow standardized, operational change control via individual users, as well as administrative access rights in an audit-based and trackable design. Centralized logs allow monitoring of all compliance-critical activity in an enterprise-aligned strategy.

Retail Success Story


Overview: Improve the employee experience with IT by providing an intuitive self-service portal for reporting issues and requesting services—from simple to complex—and by accelerating service delivery.

Solution: Kinetic Request portal and Kinetic Task automation engine


  • Created all forms within 90 days, versus 18 months previously.
  • Cut by 50 percent the time required to produce new self-service Web forms.
  • Enabled changes to forms to be made in minutes, versus up to an hour.
  • Reduced fulfillment time by 50 percent.

Kinetic Data Delivers the Service Request Quality and Speed Improvements Nordstrom Was Shopping For (pdf)

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