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Manage IT Service Levels - Solutions for Technology Firms


Technology organizations are under pressure to manage a larger volume of customer and employee interactions than ever before, while striving to maintain a high level of service for their customers. The rapidly changing technology market requires solutions that respond quickly to business problems.


Kinetic Data's products deliver a framework for managing service requests and maintaining IT service levels across multiple business units along with the flexibility to make rapid business changes and implement them quickly.

Kinetic Request, Kinetic Data’s request management portal software, is extremely proficient at handling a large volume of service requests in multiple divisions with highly varied business rules.

Kinetic Task advanced workflow automation software enables IT and other function managers to create and modify task trees to automate almost any process, from simple to complex. Kinetic Task serves as the "backbone" for enterprise request management (ERM) systems, automating the approval, scheduling, delivery, costing and reporting processes associated with any type of service request.

Kinetic Survey, Kinetic Data’s process-driven survey management solution,

Kinetic Calendar provides technology organizations with the only online calendar tool built to access time- and date-based information from virtually any enterprise data source, including BMC Remedy and other enterprise ITSM suites. It is often used for viewing a forward schedule of changes in complex and rapidly changing IT environments. Furthermore, Kinetic Calendar manages and enables viewing of on-call schedules for many different functional groups within IT and other departments.

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