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ITSMF Fusion

Orlando, FL

October 31 - November 3 2017

Building Business Capability Conference

Orlando, FL

November 6 - 10, 2017

2018 KEG Conference

St. Paul, MN

April 30 - May 4, 2018

KEG (Kinetic Enthusiasts Group) is an annual event where users and stakeholders connect and learn how to optimize their business service request and delivery processes. Attendees can catch training sessions on the latest versions of our software, gain insights into current market issues, hear engaging, real-life success stories, and find powerful networking opportunities.

New Service Management White Papers

Enterprise Service Integration with Kinetic Task In today’s complex technology landscape, organizations are challenged to consistently deliver top-quality services while progressively reducing costs. There is an evolving demand for integrated automation strategies to provide key business services across the enterprise. This white paper explains why service integration is a better approach than data integration, and how the Kinetic Task automation engine enables service integration across the enterprise.

How Kinetic Data Products Support Enterprise Request Management Too often, service request and delivery processes are designed for the convenience of the functional group providing the service (IT, HR, facilities, etc.). Users have to learn and use multiple systems, and to “manage” their own service requests. The result is frustration and lost productivity. What's needed are tools that simplify request management for users while also leveraging existing investments in departmental management applications.

Enterprise Request Management: How to Get Started Though the scope of ERM is broad, implementation doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, time-consuming or disruptive. ERM can be implemented incrementally, and expanded as the concept proves its value. This white paper defines the ERM concept and benefits, describes how to begin implementing an ERM strategy, and provides concrete steps to guide you through the implementation process.

Media Coverage

How IT Pros can be Business Heroes

Medium — Though IT groups are sometimes criticized for being disconnected from or out of sync with “the business” (sales, marketing, finance, etc.), IT professionalslike their colleagues in other functional areaswant to be heroes to the organization.
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Four Vital Components for IT Project Success

Bdaily Business News — Although IT projects (and other types of business projects) may end up failing for a variety of causes, four elements are crucial and common in all successful projects. Both experience and research have demonstrated that incorporating all of these ingredients significantly increases the odds of success, while the lack of even one dramatically ups the risk of project failure.
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Did you know... Better collaboration is scientifically proven to prevent balding!

LinkedIn Pulse — Poor IT project collaboration causes baldness. That's right, poor collaboration makes you bald! Baldness can be caused by stress. Stress is created when communication breakdowns result in poor visibility for project stakeholders, reducing confidence in project success. But setting up projects for more effective cross-organizational collaboration will reap significant benefit to all those involved in the project. Alsoit may save your hair.
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Global company profits from enterprise request management upgrade

KM World — Schneider Electric has upgraded and expanded its enterprise request management (ERM) system with software from Kinetic Data. The global organization, which supplies business and residential energy products and services, has 170,000 employees in 134 countries.
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Do You Love Your Technology Vendors?

LinkedIn Pulse — "Love" usually isn't the first word business professionals associate with their organization's technology vendors. But it's not too high a standard. Here are eight questions to ask yourself and your team about your suppliers, to determine if they are worthy of being held very dear.
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News Releases

Kinetic Data to Showcase New Fulfillment Software at BMC Engage 2015

ST. PAUL, Minn. (August 31, 2015) — Many organizations use rigid and overly complex fulfillment systems that make it cumbersome for employees to manage service request fulfillment. With Kinetic Fulfillment,
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Schneider Electric Amps Up Its Use of Kinetic Data’s Enterprise Request Management Software

ST. PAUL, Minn. (July 28, 2015) — Kinetic Data announced that Schneider Electric has completed its upgrade and expansion of its ERM system using Kinetic Data software. Schneider Electric is a global organization with more than 170,000 employees in 134 countries supplying a wide range of business and residential energy products and services. The results of updating its employee services request portal are remarkable.
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Nation’s 10th Largest School District Replaces Less Efficient Online Service Catalog with Kinetic Data Software

ST. PAUL, Minn. (June 23, 2015) — Kinetic Data today shared the story of Virginia’s Fairfax County Public School system replacing its online service catalog with Kinetic Request and Kinetic Task. Fairfax County Public Schools is the 10th-largest school district in the nation. The static forms and the manual back-end processes required to fulfill the request volume were no longer working. But after leveraging Kinetic Data’s ERM approach,
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Kinetic Data Posts On-Demand Webcast Featuring Independent Research Analyst Eveline Oehrlich

ST. PAUL, Minn. (June 3, 2015) — Most business leaders cite growing revenue and improving the customer experience as their top goals for 2015. This on-demand webcast hosted by Kinetic Data and featuring Eveline Oehrlich of Forrester Research, "Rewriting the Rules of Service Management," explains how technology can be applied to help employees achieve and stay in "the flow" -- the state of maximum performance and productivity.
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Latest Videos

Queens Library Writes the Book on Enterprise Request Management

New York's Queens Library is one of the largest circulating libraries in the U.S., with 1,000 employees across 62 locations serving 2.3 million customers each year. Not long ago, employees were frustrated as IT service requests were being lost or taking days to complete. But when the IT group looked at Kinetic Request, they immediately knew it was what they needed. The measurable results have been dramatic.

Customer Satisfaction Soars at ATS with Enterprise Request Management

Enterprise request management (ERM) is a business-efficiency strategy that reduces service delivery costs while increasing user satisfaction. What does that look like in the real world? Here's how Advanced Technology Services (ATS), a global services provider focused on manufacturers, significantly increased customer satisfaction while reducing costs and manual effort using ERM.

How a Healthcare IT Service Provider Saved $4.7 Million with ERM

To make it easier and faster for busy nurses and hospital staff to request IT services and resolve technical issues, CareTech began implementing an enterprise request management (ERM) strategy with help from Kinetic Data. Handling close to 250,000 service requests through its online service request portal in 2013, CareTech estimated “the annual costs savings and productivity gains for its collective operation to be an impressive $4.7 million."

Kinetic Data Philosophy

We believe collaboration produces the best ideas. We believe it's not enough to merely understand customers' needswe need to anticipate them. Our proudest moments are when customers have truly made our software their own, and can't wait to share their stories with others. Hear more about our philosophy from Kinetic Data president John Sundberg in this video.

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