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Kinetic Calendar Features

Change Control Management Calendars for Any Enterprise Function

Kinetic Calendar is more than just a great tool for creating change control management calendars—it can be used to create almost any type of calendar, such as SLA reviews or on-call schedules, and extends the value of ITSM, ERP and other applications across your enterprise for creating calendars for HR, field service, marketing and other departments.

Calendar Publishing

  • Ability to display events from any enterprise application form
  • Ability to display events from multiple forms on the same calendar
  • Ability to create calendars for a wide variety of uses such as change control management or call tracking

Customer Experience (Web)

  • All public calendars are conveniently listed and accessible from a single page
  • Daily, weekly and monthly views are available with a single mouse click
  • Color-coded legend easily links events with a calendar wth displaying multiple calendars

Common Uses

  • On-call calendars
  • Database backup calendars
  • Change control management
  • Change-request calendars
  • ITIL process review scheduling
  • Facility resource calendars
  • Help desk call tracking
  • Help ticket tracking
  • Budgeting
  • Auditing
  • Service request calendars