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Kinetic Calendar - General

Active Web Calendars for Active Online Workflows Across the Enterprise

Kinetic Calendar lets you build active calendars on ITSM, ERP, HR and other systems by combining an easy-to-use web calendar interface with powerful underlying workflow management capabilities. With Kinetic Calendar, you can visually display any time-based information captured or generated within ITSM, ERP, HR and hosted applications; synch it with personal data in Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Microsoft SharePoint and Google calendars; and see the results in multiple drill-down calendar views. Many calendars can easily be created for different groups within the enterprise, including IT, HR, facilities, product support, legal and other functional areas.

Kinetic Calendar provides a unique way to view event-based data in enterprise applications and control workflow tasks.

  • Display events from multiple forms and applications on the same calendar.
  • Build active online calendars that utilize workflow and data from all major ITSM, ERP, and hosted applications, including BMC, HP Service Manager, PeopleSoft,, and ServiceNow workflow.
  • Give your calendars a custom look and feel with CSS templates.
  • Drill down to the detail behind calendar events.
  • Organize multiple calendars, with no BMC Remedy development skills required.
  • Create active calendars across your organization—IT, facilities, HR, accounting, sales and marketing, and other functional groups can all use Calendar.

Kinetic Calendar gives you complete control over user access to calendars.

  • Grant role-based access to calendars based on user logins.
  • Make calendars public, private, or group-based.
  • Enable authorized users to create events directly from the web client interface.