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Kinetic Calendar - Screenshots

Actionable Online Calendar Tool for Any Enterprise Data Source

Kinetic Calendar is the only actionable online calendar tool built to visuall combine time and date information from virtually any enterprise system or federated data source. It enables you to display time- and date-based information from your ERP system, ITSM suite, email programs, asset tracking software and/or other sources in actionable online calendars. The screenshots below illustrate some of the functionality of this powerful online calendar software.

My Calendars

Actionable online calendar tool - My Calendars view

My Calendars - 1 Calendar Hidden

Online calendar tool - 1 Calendar Hidden viedw

Calendar Month View

Actionable online calendar tool - Calendar Month View

Calendar Week View

Actionable online calendar software - Calendar Week View

Calendar Day View

Actionable calendar software - Calendar Day View

Create an Event

Online calendar sofware - Create an Event view

View Event Details

Enterprise Calendar Software - View Event Details

Public Calendars

Actionable online calendar application - Public Calendars view

Calendar Login

Online calendar application for the enterprise - Calendar Login view

Public Calendars - Logged in

Actionable online calendar software application - Public Calendars - Logged in view

Remedy Calendar Manager

Online calendar software application - Remedy Calendar Manager view