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Kinetic Calendar - Web Demos

How to Create Enterprise Calendars for the Web

These online videos show how to create calendars using Kinetic Calendar, the only software tool designed specifically for creating actionable online calendars that display time- and date-based information from any enterprise application or combination of federated data sources.

Kinetic Calendar - v2.0 Install (2:20)

Quick introduction to the Kinetic Calendar 2.0 installation process.

See how to install Kinetic Calendar and configure connections to BMC Remedy and Microsoft Exchange.

Kinetic Calendar - V. 1.5, What is New? (2:10)

A quick glance at the NEW Kinetic Calendar 1.5 features.

This video provides you with a quick glance at what's new with the new version of Kinetic Calendar. V. 1.5.0 now supports: Multiple Filtered Event Types, Time Zone Dropdown Select List, and Pure Remedy Java API.

Kinetic Calendar - Visibility Into Governance (1:45)

Learn how to use Kinetic Calendar to display IT governance related activities in a calendar format.

See how to use Kinetic Calendar to display a complete and accurate view of compliance information and, or events in a daily, weekly or monthly calendar format. In other words, learn how Kinetic Calendar offers self-service visibility to compliance activities that IT needs to keep track of and follow-up with on a regular basis.

Kinetic Calendar - Managing Your Assets (1:45)

How Kinetic Calendar enables visibility to your BMC Remedy asset management information.

This video provides you with a quick tour of how to get visibility and control of your BMC Remedy asset information with Kinetic Calendar. Kinetic Calendar asset management examples shown in the video include: production go live management, support contract management, and warranty management.

Kinetic Calendar - Location Based Changes (2:01)

Overview of how to use parameters in Kinetic Calendar to provide location based change information.

Check out this video to learn how to use Parameter Passing in Kinetic Calendar to show relevant activities by location in a calendar format.

Kinetic Calendar Overview (04:30) - Overview demonstrating the basic principals of Kinetic Calendar.

Automatically Set Answers with Remedy Data (7:45) - How to use client events to automatically populate answers in your Survey or Request.