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White Papers - Workflow Processes and Online Calendars

Kinetic Calendar is the only online calendar publishing software tool built to graphically display event information from virtually any enterprise system or federated data source. The integration effort is surprisingly simple. With Kinetic Calendar, you can quickly and easily create online calendars that display and interact with any time- or date-based information in ERP, ITSM, HR, email and other applications. The following documents provide more information on how Kinetic Calendar can help you create actionable online calendars tied to workflow processes.

Kinetic Calendar - White Paper, Say Goodbye to the IT Service Management Queue (form)

Kinetic Calendar - White Paper, Better Visibility into Change Management (form)

Kinetic Multi-Tenant Suite - White Paper, Innovation and Differentiation for Outsourced Service Providers (form)

Kinetic Multi-Tenant Suite – White Paper, Multi-tenancy 2.0: Service Provider Innovation and Customizing the Client Experience (form)