Kinetic Data Product Tour

Kinetic Survey - Features

Web-Based Survey Software

Survey Creation

  • Ability to include questions, text, images, and multiple pages within a web-based survey
  • Ability to personalize the text that displays to the user with things such as first name, business unit, etc.
  • Ability to copy entire sections, pages, or other elements from one survey to another
  • Ability to clone an entire web-based survey
  • Ability to activate/deactivate a survey
  • Includes sample surveys and forms
  • Ability to create multi-language surveys
  • Ability to configure locale-specific messages for the user in the event of an error (required field missing, survey already submitted, connection problems, etc.)


  • Allow for multiple question types (Date, Free Text, Lists, Decimal, Integer, and Numeric Range) in web-based survey software
  • Ability to include an attachment on a submission
  • Pattern matching for available answers
  • Limit the amount of characters available to submit for a question
  • Allow fields to be required
  • Allow field to be conditionally required
  • Mark a question as read-only
  • Clone questions from another template
  • Ability to set a default value for a question
  • Ability to set answer as "Do Not Score"


  • Drag & drop WYSIWYG editing of pages
  • Grid layout functionality
  • Attach custom CSS style sheet
  • Link to external stylesheets from web based survey software
  • Apply CSS styling at a template or page level
  • Set application-wide styling preferences
  • Include text (static and dynamic lookup) in your web-based survey
  • Include images in your survey
  • Pick images from a central image library
  • Ability to set style information for any element including text weight, font, color, background, and borders

Customer Experience (web)

  • Limit the total number of characters submitted per page
  • Hide/show questions and text based on answers/events
  • In-page queries and set-field value actions
  • Allow linking to external web pages
  • Support for other client-side events including mouse-over, on-click, on-change, mouse-out
  • Ability to include "hoverable" help text for any element
  • Users can go back and change submitted answers on previous pages
  • View completed results from a web page
  • Ability for survey invitations to expire
  • Ability to include custom JavaScript to extend functionality
  • Ability to branch to different pages based on customer answers
  • Ability to include any valid HTML markup in the body of the survey


  • Ability to control the styling of emails going out to customers and employees
  • Ability to include fields (answers) in an email message
  • Ability to specify an outbound email mailbox
  • HTML and plain text email handling
  • Preview of HTML email messages for message-creators
  • Include attachments in an email message sent from the web-based survey software
  • Ability to send notifications to managers based on a score of a survey
  • Ability to send reminders to customers who haven't submitted a survey
  • Ability to send notifications based on answer qualifications
  • Ability to embed a simple survey in an HTML email


  • Includes pre-configured reports
  • Uses Crystal ® (Business Objects®) reporting facilities
  • Include pre-configured flashboards of customer submissions
  • Ability to export data from a web-based survey
  • Ability to report across similar surveys
  • Ability to modify existing reports
  • Ability to import custom reports


  • Auditing on change of a customer submission/answers
  • Auditing on change of a template (in active status)


  • Integrate to external applications via web services, Java API, or other integration methods
  • Events on any form can trigger one or more survey invitations to a customer based on rules
  • Additional rules can be applied to events to determine whether to send an invitation (Every X number, Wait X days, Total Submissions)
  • Opt-out functionality
  • Create records in other forms on submission by a customer
  • Ability to send surveys in a batch based on a qualification
  • Ability to trigger a "Quick Survey" as a popup dialog for agents working an incident/ticket — can be used for call scripting.
  • Ability to push data from an originating ticket into a survey for auto-population of answers or for reporting needs

List Manager

  • Ability to easily send out an invitation for a survey from the list manager
  • Ability to import names/lists into the list manager
  • Ability for customer submissions to create new members of a list
  • Ability to populate members of a list via a web service