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Kinetic Task - Use Cases

Nice. But what real-world problems does Kinetic Task solve?

Kinetic Task is already in use by large organizations all over the world to automate a variety of interesting processes making a real difference in their organizations. Below are a few examples of what can be done with Kinetic Task at the center of your automation initiative.

Employee Onboarding

Overview: Employee Onboarding is often a complex business process involving multiple departments and systems, manual and automatable processes, many prerequisites, and synchronous and asynchronous processing.

Trigger Point: An HR employee or a manager enters a new employee into an Enterprise Request Management system (such as Kinetic Request)


  • Using an iterative approach to process improvement, Kinetic Task can quickly pay dividends by automating high-volume, easy-access system tasks, leaving manual/older processes to future revisions.
  • Employee onboarding often involves many subprocesses (such as facilities access which includes ordering space, a badge, a parking pass, etc.). In Kinetic Task, these are called “routines” and can be compartmentalized, revised, and reused as needed between processes.
  • Manual processes are often handled via an email message in conjunction with a simple form to input the results of the process (the parking pass ID for example), which can then trigger the process to continue.
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Hardware Provisioning (Cloud, In-House, Hybrid)

Overview: Often existing systems require the requestor to have a nuanced understanding of the specific hardware, data center and/or specifications required to provision new hardware. With Kinetic Task, a more business-centric request targeting availability thresholds, application requirements, and usage can be submitted then translated into specific hardware, OS and IT specifications within the back-end process automation.

Trigger Point: This is likely keyed off an IT Request Management System (such as Kinetic Request ) or HR system such as Oracle Peoplesoft.


  • Often new hardware will require one or more approvals depending on OS, availability and security requirements. This dynamic and changing approval process can be handled within Kinetic Task or tied in to an external approval system for this subprocess.
  • Through dynamic and flexible decision points (example: OS + availability + security), a determination can be made whether to create a public cloud, in-house, or hybrid environment.
  • Chef, Puppet, AWS direct or other scripts can be triggered by Kinetic Task to deploy specific environments.

Infrastructure Alerts

Overview: IT organizations have a vast array of alerts and other notifications with a broad range of actionable items that have to happen for each one of these. There are a variety of existing middleware tools to handle this at a high level. However, often organizations require something quick and simple without the need for a heavier tool.

Trigger Point: An alert is sent out by a monitoring tool when a threshold is met in that hardware or software system, often by email or a webhook.


  • Quickly create a new alert handling process based on new criteria, new products, or types of alerts.
  • Kinetic Task can call other alerting mechanisms in different scenarios when needed.
  • Use the tools your people know, and use Kinetic Task to coordinate communication between them.
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Almost any process can be automated with Kinetic Task. Here are a few more examples:

  • Automated marketing content including drip campaigns and social media updates
  • New lead routing and reminders
  • Automating trade show preparation (shipping, travel, literature)
  • Organizing meetings (room and attendee scheduling, equipment procurement, reminders)
  • Employee promotions, reassignments and relocations
  • Time off approvals, recording and scheduling

Learn how Kinetic Task plus Kinetic Request will dramatically improve your speed of request fulfillment and leverage your third-partiy application investments.